Augmented Reality App Lets You View Movie Scenes Filmed At Your Location

Augmented Reality App

The app lets you capture stills or video of a location to bring up movie scenes that were shot in the same location. It even allows you to take an image of yourself in that location to insert yourself into the scene.
– via Slashgear

“Augmented Reality Cinema” is a concept which would spot when you’re in a famous movie location and then trigger playback of the relevant scene. Although we can’t be sure the app actually works yet, the video after the break does at least show off the idea with some memorable London clips, including the classic post-infestation Westminster Bridge scene from 28 Days Later.
– via Engadget

I really hope this app becomes a reality. I’m a huge movie buff, and living in New York I can only imagine all the scenes I could discover while traipsing around the city. Engadget mentioned a cool concept that I hope they end up incorporating in the final app: that users would be able to tag movie location data.